Agnes Lukacs

Agnes Lukacs’s creative professional journey began during her student years within the University of Arts and Design, in Cluj. That is when she started working as a fashion photographer and experimented with branding & graphic design.
After freelancing for one year, she decided to take it up a notch and founded her own design consultancy company in 2006.

As an interior designer, she is always driven by ideas and focused on finding the best concepts that meet the clients’ needs and vision. She gives each project a personal touch and often manages to exceed expectations. Being given fully creative liberty, Agnes creates playful home and working environments or commercial spaces that inspire. Her style is best to be described as eclectic. She is currently working with a team of local craftsmen and specialists that help shape up her ideas and projects from scratch.

In the past years two brands emerged, both nested under the Agnes Lukacs label. Kek și Kok showcases her playful vision on food styling, while under Pradă Ușoară the designer creates not only objects, but also custom fabrics for furniture or apparel. All these elements actually make up Agnes Lukacs as a designer.

From 2014 Agnes is a member of CID Group – Collaboration and Innovation in Design – a group of Romanian designers, created with the purpose of promoting Romanian product design, supporting its members and group initiatives in this field.